The Women Who Startup Foundation

Since 2013 Women Who Startup has been creating incredible community spaces for women entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and stories about how they’re launching their ideas and building their companies.

In January 2018 we’re honored to launch the Women Who Startup Foundation – a 501(c)3 non-profit that is focused on 4 core programs: our monthly Basecamps across the USA and beyond, our annual Summit, our upcoming education to women entrepreneurs and our research and Grants to women founders with pitch competitions.

Our mission as always is simple and very focused: provide women entrepreneurs the events, education, community, network and access to capital so that women can launch and grow successful companies.

We will officially launch and announce WWSF in March 2018 but our fundraising efforts begin now – donate here. Stay tuned for more information on our newsletters and across all social media @womenwhostartup.

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