A non-profit organization creating a grassroots movement for women entrepreneurs and providing them with community, events, a learning platform and grants.



Our Mission

Women Who Startup Foundation aims to empower women entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. The early stages of entrepreneurship is a key phase to innovation and invention and we are committed to supporting women seeking resources to take their ideas to market successfully.

Women Who Startup Foundation breaks down barriers for women to build successful businesses so that we may effectively improve the percentage of women building profitable, sustainable million-dollar-plus businesses. Our virtual network, local events and global mission is focused on the success of women entrepreneurs.

Our Programs


Our monthly event series in local startup communities is our grassroots approach to getting every community to launch their own Basecamp where you gather, connect, learn and shine a spotlight on local entrepreneurs to learn from. Basecamps are focused on knowledge sharing through storytelling.


We’re committed to creating digital education that is accessible anywhere at anytime for entrepreneurs who are seeking to learn how to best take their concept to market.

Women Who Startup Summit

Our annual gathering celebrating women in entrepreneurship is a key event to convene and learn from successful entrepreneurs and mentors.


We are working towards offering annual pitch competitions for women entrepreneurs to win Grants. We know that access to capital is a challenge for women entrepreneurs and we are dedicated to improving that.


We are founded by technologists and entrepreneurs and our intent is to empower women in tech and innovation to develop creative solutions to help women entrepreneurs gain access to resources and capital better than ever. We will focus on technology efforts with community events and hackathons to inspire new products that our Foundation could use to connect more women entrepreneurs into opportunity.

Our Board of Directors

  • Lizelle van Vuuren

    Founder, CEO, President
    Women Who Startup Foundation

  • Elizabeth Giorgi

    Founder, CEO

  • G. Krista Morgan

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Paula Lee

    Women Who Startup Foundation

  • Catherine Stanton

    Corporate Counsel

  • Maria Popo


Join Us

Basecamp Leaders

Basecamp Leadership recruitment is in full effect. A Basecamp Leader starts a Basecamp in their local startup communities and is a beacon for their communities. Basecamp’s by Women Who Startup are our monthly event series where we shine a spotlight on women entrepreneurs.

Become A Basecamp Leader


Our monthly Basecamp Events are grassroots and led by Basecamp Leaders and Volunteers – unreasonably passionate people dedicated to shining a spotlight on women entrepreneurs. We’re currently in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs Colorado, Phoenix Arizona, and launching in 10+ new cities by 2020. Please join us.

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Year In Review

2017, Coming Soon

We know that it’s important that the donations we receive is used most effectively towards our mission and programs. It is very important to us as well. We are committed to transparency and accountability.