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Ask Lizelle Anything: “How do I plug into the Denver Startup Community?”

Lizelle van Vuuren Ask Lizelle Anything!

I get this questions a lot:
“How do I plug into the Denver startup community?”

The first and probably most important thing you should know about plugging into the Colorado startup ecosystem is that we have only one “rule” and that’s Give First. It’s like an unspoken code and a philosophy (a culture) of connection, collaboration, helping each other out and generally not being selfish with your time and knowledge that has Denver and Boulder and other Colorado cities growing. I believe the term came from Brad Feld a long time ago and if you have any connection with anyone at Techstars you will hear that philosophy hammered to the newbies and reminded to veterans. It’s a great rule of thumb to have anywhere, for any reason. Starting up is hard enough! Don’t do it alone, friends.

I entered the Denver startup community back at the end of 2011/ early 2012 and I’ve been running in the communities ever since. Always carving out time for those getting started and those relocating to Colorado. I get it, you don’t know where to start. I hope this [ever changing] list helps.

Some publications to read and subscribe to


Some coworking spaces, community platforms & incubators (Denver)


Some of the key events I recommend attending

Some Accelerators


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