#4 Women Who Startup Radio, Episode 4 – Finding and Creating Happiness

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Women Who Startup Radio is a production of Women Who Startup, an organization and community in Denver, Colorado, that celebrates, connects, and empowers women who startup, women founders, women who code, women who tech and women entrepreneurs. Women Who Startup Radio is a podcast cohosted by Lizelle van Vuuren (@lizellevv), Founder and CEO of Effectively and Women Who Startup, and G. Krista Morgan (@krismtl), Co-founder and CEO of P2Binvestor, a crowdfunding platform for business lending.

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Episode 4 Notes

Cohosts Lizelle van Vuuren and Krista Morgan talk about many things including fundraising, cold emailing while fundraising — and how scary that can be, depression and anxiety amongst entrepreneurs, what does your startup community look like — is it supportive and how can we help?  This episode our theme is Finding and Creating Happiness and our guest is Niki Koubourlis, Founder and CEO of Bold Betties Outfitters.

  • Cold emailing for fundraising. How to craft an email to a VC?
  • Girls Athletic Leadership School (GALS) https://www.galschools.org
  • Failure and depression/anxiety when it comes to being an entrepreneur — Link to Reboot podcast
  • Important that folks know they aren’t alone in their fear.
  • Happiness is linked to being resilient.
  • We explore what success looks like and that it’s incremental, it builds daily.
  • TapInfluence hires new CEO, Promise Phelon. It’s exciting to see ambitious women—and a woman of color too!—increasingly in the CEO position. Young women and little girls can now look and see more diversity among the women leading companies in this space who look like they do.


Women Who Startup Radio Episode 4We interviewed a special guest Niki Koubourlis, Founder and CEO of @boldbetties. We listen to Niki as she takes us on her journey of her past and how she landed (on two feet) in Denver, Colorado and how she went from a high paying job in Dubai, unhappily married and unhealthy to starting up and being quite the Adventurer and turning that into a business. Bold Betties and their Adventure Community

A Big Thank You to our Women Who Startup Radio team

P2Binvestor for being a sponsor of Women Who Startup and this podcast
Erin Bassity (@ebassity), VP of Marketing P2Binvestor and Women Who Startup Producer
Leah Charney (@theleahkitten), Operations Maven at WideFoc.us and Women Who Startup Producer
Dave McLeod, Audio Engineer and Editor.
Brad Todd (@Brad_aka_BT), Designer bradtodd.com

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